Compare Tava Tea (Sencha, Oolong & Puerh) Vs Green Tea?

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Tava Tea Wellness Blend

Can You Lose Up to 2-5lbs in a Week By Drinking the Best Weight Loss Green Tea? Losing weight is a lot simpler and easier than you think with Tava Tea.

With some of the best superiority ingredients and perfect combination of three teas Sencha, Oolong & Puerh make Tava Tea a perfect blend.
It would be almost impossible for anyone else to create alike blend at such quality at affordable price. Tava Tea not merely includes some of the best green tea extracts except it also 100% organic certified by CERES and USDA.

Can you believe Losing Weight by just drinking Green Tea?

Yes, it is possible now; you not only lose weight but also have a healthy heart & many other health benefits.

Some of the benefits you get from Tava Green Tea they are as follows:

  • High cholesterol: Tava Green tea considerably reduces levels of harmful LDL cholesterol in blood.
  • Cancer: The polyphenols green tea plays a significant role in the prevention of cancer. Researchers also believe that polyphenols assist kill cancerous cells and stop their chain.
  • Diabetes: Tava Green tea extract powder lowers the hemoglobin A1c level in individuals with limited diabetes.
  • Weight loss: Tava Green tea includes polyphenols, more expressly the catechins that are responsible for the herb's fat-burning effect.

IS IT EXPENSIVE? No, it’s NOT expensive if you compare it with others the right way. Tava Tea is not a usual green Tea. Tava Teawellness blend specifically manufactured for weight loss.

Let’s See the comparison table of Tava Tea & Green Tea below:

Features Tava Tea Ordinary Green Tea
Weight loss ability Yes (2.5 times more than any other green tea) Yes
Other Health benefits (healthy heart, tooth decay, anti-acne, skin, digestion, cholesterol, anti-aging) Yes (all health benefits) No
Discount Yes (Limited Time only) No
Fast International Shipping with Tracking Yes No
Number of tea bags 20 bags 20 bags

Learn how to get Tava Tea Discount upto 40% OFF!