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Tava Tea
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1 Pack
20% OFF
2 Packs
($49.95 x 2) = $99.90
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3 Packs
($49.95 x 3) = $149.85
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Tava Tea Review

Why Tava Tea is #1 Choice for Weight Loss tea?

  • Tava Tea assists to advance metabolism efforts within the body. With improved metabolism, or burning of fat, the body can lose weight more efficiently.
  • A boost in mental clarity is also a health advantage gained. The Tava Tea includes L-Theanine, which helps to maintain peace of mind within the body.
  • It can also help those with diabetes.
  • This form of tea has also been shown to assist with cholesterol levels within the body and improve digestion of foods. As well, drinking two cups each day can assist with reversing the signs of aging within the body.

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Tava Tea Testimonials

D Crockett, Essex UK

“Found this to be refreshing and seems to work. Love it!
Love the post t-bag, will recommend to my dear friends who suffer from bloating.
Thank you.”


Terry, USA

“I had health issues with a bowel disorder and was put on a steroid for a few months. The steroid cleared my issues however I gained weight. I looked online for weight products and came across Tava Tea. I though I would try it. The customer service feedback to all my questions has been superb! The tea wich took a few weeks to get into my system since I am a “exercise freek” has shown improvement with my digestion as well as lowering my weight. Above all it is delicious and I have tried other brand but nothing compares to Tava Tea.”

Compare Tava Tea with other Green Tea Brand

Features Tava Tea Ordinary Green Tea
Weight loss ability Yes (2.5 times more than any other green tea) Yes
Other Health benefits (healthy heart, tooth decay, anti-acne, skin, digestion, cholesterol, anti-aging) Yes (all health benefits) No
Discount Yes (Limited Time only) No
Fast International Shipping with Tracking Yes No
Number of tea bags 20 bags 20 bags
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